Welcome To Wealthy Affiliate Life

Wealthy Affiliate Life is a blog to help affiliate marketers achieve success.  This website will mean different things to different people.  It is not intended to be the supreme authority on affiliate marketing although readers will gain knowledge from visiting this site.

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Nor is it strictly about financial wealth.  To me, wealth is defined as an abundance of things.  Yes, money is a measuring stick but so is family, mental and physical health, lifestyle, diet, and faith.  We will be discussing these on the pages that follow.  I invite you to join me on my journey to a Wealthy Affiliate Life.

What is Wealthy?     

Before we get into the training let’s discuss wealth.  To a nomad in the Sahara Desert, wealth is having food, water, and a healthy camel.  To a homeless person, having a safe place to sleep and where their next meal is coming from is wealth.


The average person measures wealth with money or possessions.  However, this too is relative.  Ten dollars a day in Bangladesh is wealth to some.  Ten thousand dollars a day doesn’t mean much to Bill Gates.   Would Warren Buffett trade all his riches for a healthy, long lasting life?

Wealth is relative.  You are wealthy if you feel wealthy.  No more, no less.

What is an Affiliate?         

I define affiliate as one who receives compensation for a referral or sale.  Affiliates do not sell.  That is the responsibility of the product or service owner.  Our job as affiliates is to refer potential customers to a vendor.  If we do our job, the vendor compensates us for our efforts.


Our attention will be devoted to online affiliate marketing.  However, anyone who refers anyone to another person could be defined as an affiliate.  If you recommend a plumber or electrician to your neighbor, you could be an affiliate.  If your car salesman gives you a referral fee when someone you refer buys a car, you are an affiliate.

What is Life?               

 In the context of this blog, life is defined as a healthy, wholesome, happy sense of well-being.   Money allows us to live the “good” life according to our personal needs.  Without money many face stress, turmoil, worry, and generally aren’t enjoying life to its fullest.

They say money can’t buy happiness but it sure beats whatever comes in second.  So, the Wealthy Affiliate Life is living your life to its fullest (whatever that means to you) without any concern for money.   If that resonates with you, let’s get started.