Getting Started

First, a reality check.

If you want to construct a building which will last for years, you must start with a strong foundation.  The taller the building, the stronger the foundation must be.  As it is in construction, so it is in affiliate marketing.

Let’s say you want to build a house.  You have no construction skills and no tools but you know exactly how your house will look when it is finished.  Will you be able to build your dream home?  Probably not.

The same is true of being successful in any business.  You know what you want to achieve.  You can see the end result.  Unfortunately, you don’t have the skills, education, or tools to get started.  Will your business be successful?  Will you reach your goals and live the lifestyle you want?   Probably not.

What are you missing?

Every self-made millionaire started with virtually nothing.  Maybe some had a college education but many did not.  Most did not have any personal wealth.  What did they have that allowed them to grow their fortunes?  I have read many books on successful people.  They all have many favorable traits.  However, all of them had 3 main traits in common.  It is these traits which allowed them to achieve success.  We are all born with the same traits.  It’s just that some develop them more than others.

3 main traits of successful people are:

  1. Be able to focus on a goal and avoid distractions.
  2. Be willing to sacrifice time, money, or resources to achieve their goal.
  3. Be concerned about others before themselves.

If you haven’t made your first million, what traits are you lacking or need to strengthen?

Let’s build our foundation.